Wall Art Ideas For Large Wall 3

Regardless of the size, a wall can be decorated with anything. We will talk about wall art ideas for large wall. Here are some ideas that you can apply. The first one is a giant wall confetti. Are you looking for some personalized crafts? This is one of those things. You do not have to be a skilled artisan to create this unique item. It also does not need someone’s assistance, but if your kids have free time this weekend, they can help you create this unique thing.

Wall Art Ideas For Large Wall 2

Wall Art Ideas For Large Wall 3

Speaking of wall art ideas for large wall, many stores sell unique decorations, but you should not necessarily buy anything. Here is how to create this unique craft. First of all, get yourself a circle template. It can be made out of any material, but it needs to be dense or solid. Wood is a perfect material, but metal can also be an alternative. Next, you can use the template to create circles out of colored sheets.

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Buy some fabrics and do the same to them. If you do not want to buy these supplies, unused clothes can be an alternative. Just in case your kids have clothes that no longer fit, just convert them into these tiny pieces. Do you like reading magazines? People tend to throw away old magazines because they fill up storage pretty fast. Instead of dumping them, you can use those magazines to create the pieces. Cut circles out of those magazines. The covers are much harder than the inner pages, so you can use the covers only.

Wall Art Ideas For Large Wall 5

Wall Art Ideas For Large Wall

A handprint canvas is another good idea. There are many wall art ideas for large wall, but when it comes to DIY projects, this is the right answer. You can get one done in a matter of minutes and will be faster with every project. It does not need a lot of preparation and supplies. The most important thing to buy before starting the project is a stretched canvas. Choose a black one, but if you can not find any, a white one is okay, too. Only you have to apply a black paint on it. Dip your hands and your kid’s hands in the paint and put the prints on the canvas.