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Are you an active Tumblr user? There are many things we can share through that platform. We will talk about room decor Tumblr inspired. Decorating should not be a complicated task considering we can collect images of home interiors from the internet. We will share tips on how to expand the size of a room and create the illusion of a bigger space. The key to successfully decorating a small room is that you should pick storage units that fit in.

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Yes, you must be more open-minded when it comes to storage solutions because there are a lot of choices available. Do not go for conventional storage units that you usually see. There are creative storage solutions that can help set up the room in a pleasing way. For example, you can install cubbies right under the bed. Other areas inside the house should also be set up using unique storage units, such as wall shelves. Here’s more room decor Tumblr inspired.

room decor Tumblr inspired 4

Even hidden storage would do wonders because they keep clutter away. Next, also we want you to experiment more with surfaces. It is essential to incorporate more textures. Have you heard of lucite and acrylic? You may have heard of both materials but have yet to see their physical appearances. Yes, we highly advise that you put them into different areas inside the house. You can build tables, countertops, and other furniture items out of these wonderful materials. Speaking of room d├ęcor Tumblr inspired, it is also good to use multiple shapes.

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room decor Tumblr inspired

Do not just stick to one just because you love it to death. If the living room already has a square table, the dining table should feature another shape. Other tables also should follow suit. There are many shapes of tables available, like square, round, oval, etc. Combining different shapes is important to prevent the interior from looking boring and monotonous. Even so, it does not mean that you should cram the house with furniture items because they will only invite clutter. Use them accordingly, but you still have to care about the aesthetics. That’s all about room decor Tumblr inspired.