Roof Ceiling Designs

A ceiling is more than just a cover to hide the top portion of the house. This can actually add character and make a room look more mesmerizing. There are a bunch of roof ceiling designs. You will realize that selecting a design is a big matter and makes a huge difference. First of all, feel free to collect images of different types of ceilings. You can search for them online. There is also a wide selection of decorative elements you can add.

Roof Ceiling Designs 2

Roof Ceiling Designs 3

It is understandable that selecting a design can be time-consuming. You can choose one and apply it to the whole ceilings in the house. Let your creative flair flow through. Here are some of the most common ideas. There are wood plank ceiling, stretch ceiling, and steel ceiling. There are many other honorable mentions. A ceiling does not have to be creative. You can choose a conventional design if you have never been the extreme type.

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There are many treatments that a ceiling can have. Let’s say you want to decorate the living room ceiling. You can paint it or add a texture. You can also apply wallpaper and install lights to enhance its appearance. For a low ceiling, crown molding is really a good idea. It not only looks stunning, but the addition of lights can boost its height. The ceiling will look higher than before. Light in general has the ability to create the illusion of height.

Roof Ceiling Designs 5

Roof Ceiling Designs

Another way to trick a low ceiling in order to seem higher is by painting it with light colors. Brightness is also a key to creating a spacious room. There are countless colors to mix and apply to the ceiling. When it comes to roof ceiling designs, feel free to select any design. A tray ceiling is an excellent alternative just in case the room has pendant lights installed. This has an effect to increase height, so you should try. There are many other roof ceiling designs.